Saturday, June 27, 2009

NECC! Here I Come!

It is 8:59 on Saturday night. I am busy getting ready for my trip tomorrow to the National Educators Computing Conference. I will be presenting at a poster session where I will be setting up a display that demonstrates the learning that my students and I did this year. My plan is to have three laptops to show the many projects that my students completed. These include still picture videos and Podcasts on Windows Movie Maker, various reports on Power Point, Inspiration, and poetry and math using Excel.

I will be able to see the presentation area tomorrow when I arrive, so until then I am not too sure of my set up, etc. What I do know is that I would love to show everything that my students have done, from the lowest acheiving to the highest acheiving student. I have found that with using technology to teach... all children succeed at their own level. Differentiation occurs naturally. I definitely look forward to the upcoming school year to see how this idea works with 5th graders.

I will report back tomorrow night with any updates I have. (Both with final ideas for presenting, the presenting area and other insights I gain in my first few hours in DC.)

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