Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vendors, Vendors, Vendors!

Yesterday I ran into soooo many vendors with so many very neat (and expensive) products. One that was very neat was a company called Plato who is selling PS2s (NIntendo like hand helds). These are meant for use in a center to reinforce math and reading skills.

SMART is giving away many prizes including a classroom makeover with all SMART products. No need to apply though for the rest of the world. Today the prize is mine!

I also had a great conversation with a company called YesGen. It is a company that has a training program for students about computers/programs/applications, etc. Those students then become a "helpdesk" for teachers. It is not like our helpdesk (in Fulton) where our techs come in and deal with big problems, but a helpdesk that helps teachers learn to use various programs. For example, let's say Mrs. Smith needs to locate and use some US Govt clip art in her next lesson. She would seek the help of this student helper. I thought this is a wonderful way to bridge the knowledge our students have to what we need to learn. I also am excited about the learning opportunity for our students. Leadership skills!!! Empowerment!!! This will be something I will definitely look up upon my return to NY.


  1. Tonyajo, Please meet your project smart team at Volney Elementary School in Fulton at 9 a.m. on Wed. or Thursday. Thanks, Elizabth and Joyce

  2. Thanks Liz. I will be there on Thursday at 9am. Thanks a lot!

  3. Tonyajo
    We are now meeting at SUNY Oswego on Thursday at 8:30. We will be in room 217. Hope you get this in time.

  4. Got it. Room 217 where though?